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Reviews: Testimonials

As someone who is into weight lifting, I experience extreme tightness, soreness and lack of mobility. Ben helped alleviate this in my lower body and upper body. Released the tension in my muscles and eliminated the pain I was experiencing. He is great at listening to your symptoms and finding the root cause of the pain. One of the best massages I've ever had.

Dustin D.

I walked out of there very relaxed with no pain. Thank you Ben for focusing and listening to my needs.

Belinda L.

Ben is the greatest. It had been about a year since my last massage in Indiana. Well on vacation in Denver a friend suggested I get one. Wow, Ben really was able to get in there and stretch me out. I really did not think that I was that bad. He did a lot of deep tissue work and I felt wonderful afterwards. I highly recommend Ben.

Peter M.

Been looking for someone who can do TMJ work and I hit the jackpot with Ben. He is awesome and personable, listens and responds to what I needed. I would like to tell everyone about him, but at the same time I may want to keep this great find all to myself. Will definitely be back!

Thuy P.

I just recently started going to Ben for my post surgical lymphatic massages. He is very knowledgeable and takes pride in his job. I look forward to continuing my services with Ben and so happy we found him to get us through this journey of the process.

I get chronic migraines, and work in the service industry (burning the candle at both ends/not enough sleep/not stretching enough/not enough water). Ben Snead worked the knots out of my spine that were pulling everything else, using fire cupping and deep tissue massage with deep breathing. He used a Peppermint Cannabis oil blend that is continuing to work on my muscles. I feel relaxed, finally!

Nicole P.

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